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About the Powder River Basin

The Powder River Basin (PRB) covers an area of ~190km east to west and ~320km north to south in northeast Wyoming and southeast Montana. With 12 operating mines, the PRB accounts for ~50% of the thermal coal supply in the United States (US).

The PRB is recognised as one of the lowest-cost coal-producing areas in the world, with mining costs ranging from US$5-15/t. PRB thermal coal is usually very low in ash and sulphur, and has a similar energy content to Indonesian export thermal coal.

Powder River Basin Map

Image: Export avenues from U.S. coal project in PRB

U.S. Thermal Coal Projects

County's two wholly-owned thermal coal projects, Shell Creek and Miller, are both located in the PRB of Wyoming in the U.S. and together host 730Mt of JORC-compliant thermal coal resources. Shell Creek, in the western region of the PRB, hosts a 420Mt open-cut and underground thermal coal resource, and Miller, in the eastern part of the PRB, hosts a 310Mt shallow underground/deep open cut thermal coal resource. Both projects host potentially low-cost, export-quality coal.

At this stage, the Company considers it has sufficient information regarding the resource and does not intend to undertake any further significant work on the resource until a viable, cost-efficient export path has been identified and secured.

About County

County International (CCJ.ASX) is primarily focused on developing a North American bulk export solution that can be utilised for exporting coal from the U.S. and Canada.

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